Saturday, June 30, 2012

Movies For Christians?

Yesterday I took my mom to the movies. My mom is in her late 70's and very seldom goes to movies. She has loved Tyler Perry's Madea movies since they came out. So we found ourselves braving the 109 degree temperature yesterday to see the newest Madea movie. I thought we would not be waiting in long lines since we were attending the matinee, but boy was I mistaken! There were a lot of children that were there to see a couple of new kiddie movies that were out....but they were not in line ahead of me.

What absolutely floored me was the fact that there were a lot of women ranging in age from early twenties to much older, acting downright giddy over the fact that a movie called "Magic Mike" had come out. Apparently, this is a movie about male strippers and it is Rated R. The thing that shocked me the most was the fact that these women were talking, rather loudly, about the fact that they were so excited to be seeing this movie. Some were talking ACROSS the room to each other and laughing.

I have seen so many things on my Facebook page referring to this movie and I have to has triggered an overwhelming feeling in me that I pray resonates with other Christian Women. First, I can already anticipate that most will shrug this off as a "prude pastor's wife's" reaction. Not so! This is a Woman of God's strong reaction to the wishy washy Christian mentality that this world has become all too comfortable with these days.

I am by no means the perfect Christian. There is no such creature! But I am a Woman of God. That sets me apart from the worldly women that do not yet know Christ. I am recognized by the fruit I bear, or at least I am suppose to be. If I stand beside my husband serving communion every month of the year at church or teach a Sunday School class or am director of VBS each year....and then rant on and on about a movie I cannot wait to see, or make comments on the men that are portraying strippers in a movie....what example am I setting for the young girls of today? Like it or not, we are the role models for the younger generation coming up. The future leaders of the church. What are we saying to our young Christians when we teach them scripture on Sunday and try to instill in them a sense of values and to be more Christlike on Sundays and then leave them at home one night to go have a "girls night out" to go see a movie about men stripping?

Would the women that are so gung ho for this particular movie be as giddy and excited if their husbands were all getting together to hit a strip club or a movie about strippers? What message would that send to their sons?

I, as a woman that loves God and wants to serve Him in every area of my sickened by this movie and the reaction I am witnessing by other women....especially Christian women.  I always ask myself when it is time for me to go see a movie....."If God were sitting in the theater seat right next to me, would I be viewing this movie?"  The fact is, He is there. He is in the theater with each and every one of us. Will He be pleased with the women that are so excited to get to see "Magic Mike"?

I am taking a stand.....this movie sickens me. No desire to see it! I pray that all Christian women that read this blog will stand together with me and let your witness stand. I am sure I am not going to win any popularity contests with this one....but that's okay! My true rewards are not here on earth....but heaven!